Over The Moon Acoustic Roots Duo Videos

Over The Moon...Video Well, here's a start to our video collection...more to come soon.

Here's the first song we played at a great house concert in Eganville Ontario... We had a blast and the folks were with us from the first note...Well, maybe after Suzanne started singing:)

This song was recorded at The Room Full of Sound Concert Series in Okotoks, Alberta. This was our first ever theatre show... just a bit nervous:) Anyway, we loved this Blackfeathers tune so much, we recorded it on our CD "Moondancer". In fact, it's the first song!

This is the first song that we wrote together. We can't remember if we wrote the song before we came up with the name for our duo first, or vice-versa:) Either way, it's totally how we feel about each other!!! We're in the Breakout West Room at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, MO. We were thrilled to share the stage with such great artists...Just wish we had time to even say "hi" to them:)

Haha, this is a funny tune and we always joke that it took the place of Mambo # 5 here in Longview, Alberta...It's full name is Cowgirl Yodel #3. This was recorded at the end of our set at Acoustic Harvest in Toronto... Thank's for the video guys!

This is a clip from a house concert we played at Off The Grid Productions in Eganville. Ontario on our May 2018 Ontario tour. This song will be the title song of our upcoming album release set for February 2019. Haha, we'll even have real fiddle on the record version:)