Welcome to our first Blog post!

    Well, here goes our first attempt at a Blog... We know most of our friends and followers are as interested in our adventures while we're out on the road as they are in our music:)  Trying to get from show to show and some of the unbelievable places and predicaments we've ended up in seems to resonate with them... Haha, that's still one of our favorite things about making music together while not having enough money to fly everywhere and staying in the best hotels.

  We are blessed to travel in our old van, sleep on the roof  in a rooftop tent, and have the constant  company of our ever faithful German Shorthair Pointer.."Teak".  We wouldn't change a thing even if we could... We can't even begin to tell you how much we prefer the taste of our first coffee on a cold morning after using our 60's Coleman stove to heat up the espresso maker over the free continental breakfast some of the hotels serve.  Haha, there's just something so comforting about standing there freezing, waiting as the coffee maker gurgles away, and knowing that in a few minutes you'll be rewarded with a smokin' hot mug of love!!! That's usually when I climb the ladder and try to wake Suzanne:)

 Anyway, we're off on our "East Meets Western" Tour of China in a couple of weeks, and there's bound to be some adventures coming on that trip. We're even playing a show in Mongolia, so stay tuned  here and we'll keep you posted!

Happy Trails now,

Craig, Suzanne, and Teak